Adanech's Struggle

Adanech, 26, was born in Bako in the western part of Ethiopia. She now lives with the challenge of blindness after she lost sight in both eyes while in fifth grade, the beginning of her dreadful story. While at a pond, the sun reflected off the water and into her eyes, blinding her and forcing her to learn brail in order to read, write, and continue her education. She was able to reach grade eight at a school for the blind. Adanech then attended a high school, grades 9-12, in Ambo, her hometown.


During these years her struggle continued as her mother passed away while she was in eleventh grade. Even with all of her struggles, she was afforded the opportunity to continue her education in Kotebe’s Teachers Training College. Here she studied Civic education as she worked toward her diploma.


Unfortunately, more hardship came her way when she was in a terrible car accident that forced her to stop her education after just the first semester. Adanech returned to Ambo and stayed there for six months, far from the college. She spent these months recuperating before asking the college if she could return as a regular student, but they claimed that it was impossible for her. The college administration allowed her to continue in their Extension Program without fee, and although this was a better opportunity for Adanech, she was still forced to pay for the other educational costs on her own. This was the biggest challenge for her. She appealed to the local government—Woreda—for aid, and they suggested that she meet Muday.


After this meeting, Muday decided to fully sponsor Adanech. Muday’s humanitarian organization covers Adanech’s basic needs such as three meals a day, house rent, clothing, transportation and other personal costs. To be competitive in her field, Adanech wishes to continue studying toward her degree in Civics at the college. People like Adanech can always use more support, and anyone can stretch their hands and sponsor individuals like her.