Your donation makes a difference!

100 percent of all donations made via The Muday Association website go directly to Ethiopia!*

Donations are greatly needed and help with all endeavors supported by The Muday Association: 


  • Fresh and Green Academy provides a comprehensive education and three meals a day for 180 children, age pre-school to fifth grade.


  • The Mother's Cooperative, through craft sales, provides the students' mothers with dignity and hope, a way to keep themselves and their children off of a life on the streets.


  • A safe dwelling for more than one dozen children whose families are unable to provide for them at all. 


  • Medical care for Yesuneh, a special-needs child who was surrendered to Muday. Yesuneh is four years old, blind, severely autistic and has hydrocephalus. 


  • Food and clothing for the community's elderly, who often show up unannounced. Cold, hungry and wearing tattered clothing, they have nowhere else to go. 




* PLEASE NOTE: Donations made via The Muday Association PayPal button are not tax-deductible at this time. We are working on obtaining our 501c3 status and will keep you updated. Thank you for your generosity and patience!

NOTE: Paypal donations are managed in the United States by kmvilicich for Muday Charity. 100% of your donation is forwarded to Muday Charity in Ethiopia. Transfer charges, etc are payed by kmvilicich.

Photos and text on this site are copyrighted and may not be used without permission. Thank you!

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