A loving home for children in need

The Muday Association provides a loving home for more than a dozen of Kotebe's homeless children. These kids have either lost the only parent who was supporting them, or they were living in unsafe conditions. The house where they live is a short walk from the school and all but one of the children is a student at Fresh and Green Academy. 

An in-home nanny cooks and provide assistance 24/7. The kids even have a dog, Tete, who lovingly safeguards the home. 


The children came to Muday's attention through various means. Sometimes the neighborhood "kebele"  brought them to her, and sometimes Muday learned of their circumstances and took them under her care. Her intervention has kept these children from living on the street, and given them safety and a sense of "family" they would have never had otherwise.

Muday is currently paying for the rent on the house along with providing all the food and incidentals out of her own money. 


Any donation amount you can make toward helping The Muday Association continue to rent this house for the chlldren would be greatly appreciated. 

NOTE: Paypal donations are managed in the United States by kmvilicich for Muday Charity. 100% of your donation is forwarded to Muday Charity in Ethiopia. Transfer charges, etc are payed by kmvilicich.