The Mother's Cooperative offers
a new life for the students' moms

Almost all the mothers in the Mother's Cooperative share a similar story: they grew up in a small village and came to Addis Ababa to find work. Uneducated and illiterate, their options were few: most turned to a life of prostitution and almost all of them contracted HIV. 


Through the Cooperative, the moms are able to produce crafts that are sold at the school, at The Daisy Store (located on nearby Asmara Road), and through various outlets in the United States. Muday also conducts classes in nutrition and hygiene. Most importantly, on the days the mothers come to the campus to work, they are fed. Proof of ongoing nutrition is one of the main criteria for receiving free antiretroviral (ARV) medication, the one factor that can change HIV+ status from a death sentence into a manageable disease. 

​Skilled craftsmen are hired to teach the women how to make hand-made products and The Muday Association employs the mothers as cooks, gardeners, and assistants.

Through working and learnin​g new skills, the mothers are able to generate an income through selling their scarves, baskets, and jewelry. Many are also finding jobs in the community. Financial independence has opened new realm of life choices for them and their children. And the "sisterhood" of The Mother's Cooperative has given them  a sense of family they never had.

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