When Meseret​ accepted the marriage proposal from her future husband, she was a woman full of dreams and could not imagine that moment would have been the beginning of the darkest period of her life.

She was dreaming of spending the rest of her life with her husband, but her dreams would never be realized: one month after the wedding he abandoned her with no explanation.  

Meseret was working as a maid, but soon she became very sick, so sick that she lost her job: she was pregnant and she had HIV. 

Without her job, Meseret could not pay the rent and soon she started living on the street.

Meseret and her child spent two long years on the street, begging for food.

One day, four years ago, they met Muday. Muday brought her to doctors and provided her with the medicines she needed. Meseret started to feel better and she has begun working for Muday Association as a janitor.

Her child attends kindergarten at Fresh and Green Academy and is truly one of the most lively children of the whole school.

With the support of our generous donors, the children of Fresh and Green Academy receive three daily meals and a well-rounded education instead of having to begin the streets for their next meal. Sick mothers get access to health services and job opportunities

The story of Meseret


Story Of Almaz

The owner of the history name is Ayelech. She came from a small town to Addis Ababa with her husband for living. When Ayelech decided to marry her husband and move to Addis, she couldn’t imagine that time would be the beginning of the darkest period of her life. She was dreaming of spending the rest of her life with her husband, but things turn out differently. Her husband started attacking her for no real reason. As the dissension grows, she started fearing for her life and decided to leave the house. After leaving the house she recognized that she has no income for living. She thought she can work as a maid and went to a broker. But no one is willing to hire her because she couldn’t bring a guarantor. Without a job, she couldn't pay for rent. In that case, she started living on the street. As the day flows she started facing harassment and even worse, she rapped by four men and she got pregnant. One day, she met Muday. Muday brought her to doctors and bring her to the organization. Ayelech started feeling better. She felt like she has got a second mom. She is now anticipating her due date. Even if she got what she needed for herself, she still worries about her child's future destiny. 

Note that: For her security, her name changed and her face hidden.