Stories of Hope

The Muday Association's reach goes far beyond simply the mothers and students that it supports. Muday also sponsors students and children who cannot support themselves. Read some of their remarkable stories below.

Meet Yesuneh

Yesuneh is four years old, blind, autistic and developmentally delayed. He also has hydrocephalus. He spent the first years of his life locked in a dark room, with no nuturing and very little human contact. He is now being cared for by The Muday Association, receiving health care, nutrition, and most importantly, love.  

Adanech Continues Her Education

Adanech, 26, was born in Bako in the western part of Ethiopia. She now lives with the challenge of blindness after she lost sight in both eyes while in fifth grade, the beginning of her dreadful story. While at a pond, the sun reflected off the water and into her eyes, blinding her and forcing her to learn braille in order to read, write, and continue her education. 

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