School Partially Destroyed,
Please Help Us Rebuild!






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Click on a picture and scroll through the gallery to see the images before and after demolition

They came without warning

On the morning of July 26, 2013, while school was in session, government officials arrived at the campus to seize posession of part of the school grounds to build a road. In short order, they demolished the entry gate, the wall surrounding the north side of the compound, and the first through fifth grade classrooms. Fortunately, Muday and the other adults on hand were able to save the desks and teaching supplies. But the classrooms for grades one through five are gone.


The campus is now 2/3 its former size, and most likely even more will be seized as the road takes shape (including The Daisy Store, a shop located on Asmara Road where the moms sell their crafts). It's difficult to understand how this could happen, but Ethiopia, while technically a democracy, operates quite differently than the West. If the government decides they need private land, they can and will take it. Legal recourse and reparation are not viable options for Muday.


The short-term plan is for Muday to reconfigure the existing pre-school classrooms and offices to house the 80 or so displaced students. But this plan will only help us through September. Because ...


As if the destruction and seizure of school land was not enough, the owner of the land has decided to sell it. He has offered what is left of it to Muday for $100,000 USD. The Muday Association must find the money or all 140 children and 60 mothers will be back on the streets, begging. They have no other option for food; the mothers have no skills; Muday has saved them from a life of prostitution. 


The situation is dire. We need everyone's help. Anything you can give. And please, tell your friends, spread the word. We must keep the school going -- there are 200 lives at stake.


One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to Muday. All administrative costs are absorbed by volunteers. Please, give what you can today using the PayPal button below. 

Aerial view of Fresh and Green Academy


  • Solid green line indicates former campus boundary plus The Daisy Store, where the moms sell their crafts.

  • Dotted green line indicates current boundary, post- demolition

  • Red line indicates existing road

  • Blue line indicates path of new road