UPDATE: As New School Year Starts, Students and Mothers Anxiously Await Their Fate

KOTEBE -- 5 September 2013 -- The start of a school year at Fresh and Green Academy is normally no different than anyplace else in the world. Kids looking forward to new adventures with their classmates, happy to be "growing up," proud to be starting a new grade. Newly sharpened pencils and soon-to-be-filled notebooks are brought to classes with anticipation and excitement. 


Not this year.


Ever since one third of the campus was destroyed (read more here) to make room for a new road, the students have had to double-up, sometimes sitting two to a desk. The library, science lab and computer room have all been remade into classrooms, along with all of the teachers' office space. Recess, usually an exciting time for running and playing, has been sharply curtailed due to lack of space. 

Daily Devotional Prayers: Student mothers and teachers gather every day in the courtyard to pray that the funds can be found to keep the school and Cooperative going. 

Even the four-year-old pre-schoolers are aware that something has happened. While the teachers and Muday struggle to make the best of a bad situation, the kids can't help but feel their anxiety. They must wonder what is happening. They see their moms, faces usually full of joy and pride, now wan with sleepless nights and worry. Every day, their moms gather to pray: for hope that the situation improves, and for courage to face the future if it does not. 


The prayer service itself is remarkable: Christian, Muslim, Bahá'i, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish -- the doctrine and language do not matter. All who gather ask for guidance and strength, for themselves, and for the children. 


Please help The Muday Association continue its journey to transform the lives of some of the most impoverished people on Earth. It is only through your donations that we can ensure their future: a well-rounded education for the students, and a source of income for their mothers that will lift them out of poverty and disease. 


Immediate Needs and Deadlines


Rebuild classrooms -- Deadline: NOW. Cost: $15,000 USD

Purchase campus land -- Deadline: October 31, 2013. Cost: $106,000 USD


Your donation can and will ensure these children and their mothers no longer have to worry about a roof over their heads, and a place for the children to learn and thrive. Please make a donation to The Muday Association where 100 percent of all monies raised go directly to Ethiopia. No amount is too small, and every penny raised makes a difference. Thank you in advance for your generosity. 


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