Our Volunteers' Stories

Maris from Estonia

​​What took me almost 6000 kms and on a 24 hour trip? To a Country I used to know due to poverty and draught? I wanted to take a break from the environment I have lived in almost 21 years. To discover new culture, traditions, people. To challenge myself. I study Human Resources in Tallin, and the AIESEC internship program has been in my mind for almost a year, since I joined the organization. I gave up on the idea several times. It only takes one minute to change one's life. There I was boarding my flight from Tallin to Istanbul to Addis Ababa. Read more...

Aurora from Holland

January 10th, 2012 at around 3 am in the morning I arrived at Bole Aiport, Addis Ababa. I didn’t see that much on the way from the airport to Gotera Condominium where I would be staying for the next four months because Addis Ababa doesn’t have much street lighting. The only thing I noticed was the multitude of stray dogs and some kind of mechanism that the guards at the beginning of the Condominium used to keep out intruders, consisting of a piece of wire with clothes attached to it. Read more...

McKenzie from the

United States

My journey to Addis Ababa and eventually Fresh and Green Academy proved to be a long one. As a member of the Morehead-Cain Scholarship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I knew that my second summer would be spent doing service work in some capacity, but I had my heart set on South Africa or Costa Rica. After learning about a charity called Cherokee Gives Back, however, I started to think that Ethiopia was the right place for me.  Read more...

Mamueshut Lemma from Ethiopia

I first came into contact with Muday at a Baha’i gathering, our shared faith. She invited me to come visit the school, and I immediately fell in love with the project and its people. I have taught English for over ten years and decided to volunteer here in all grades in order to share my expertise and experience with the teachers here at the school and the students who deserve a great education. Read more...

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