UPDATE: Deadline approaching,
we must buy the land!






KOTEBE -- 7 August 2013 -- Fresh and Green Academy was partially destroyed on July 26, 2013. Since that time, Muday and her friends have been working around-the-clock to repurpose the existing buildings, rebuild the security fence (see dotted line at right), and restore a semblance of normalcy to the students, teachers and mothers affected by this drastic turn of events.


(To read what happened, please click here.)


The Muday Association currently rents the land occupied by the remaining school buildings. Relocation is not an option: there are no vacant lots flat enough or large enough in the area. As it is, many of the students and mothers walk more than one hour each way to reach the campus. 


Our only option is to buy the land and we must do it by the end of September. The owner is selling and has offered it to The Muday Association for $106,000 USD. This price is non-negotiable and we will meet our goal of paying it. 


But we can only do this with your help! Please donate today. No matter how small, every little bit helps. Together we can accomplish miracles!


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