A new life for Yesuneh

Yesuneh is four years old, blind, autistic and developmentally delayed. He also has hydrocephalus. He spent the first years of his life locked in a dark room, with no nuturing and very little human contact. He is now being cared for by The Muday Association, receiving health care, nutrition, and most importantly, love. Yesuneh was surrendered to Muday in the Spring. Since then, he has gained weight, and sometimes he even laughs. 


However, his needs are costly: medication, diapers, and around-the-clock supervision. 


With your help, we can ensure that Yesuneh gets the medical care and nutrition that he needs, and that everything possible is being done to enrich his life. As Ethiopia has no "safety net" for children like Yesuneh, The Muday Association covers all costs. Please help us give him the life he deserves. 


In the video on the left, you can watch him enjoying himself. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could fill his life with this much joy every day? You can help us make this possible with a donation.